El Nino/LaNina — What’s happening?

Even if you could predict the weather, you can’t predict the fishing.  We are into the second year of a major El Nino warming event and yet the offshore fishing of 2015 is markedly different from 2016.  Last year, 2015, … Continued

Bluefin, yellowfin, blue marlin in Kona report

Bluefin Trevally Please Shorecasters Two summers ago, Hawaii coves, bays, harbors, and reefs swarmed with juvenile bluefin trevally.  These hand-sized youngsters promised great shorefishing ahead when they grew to fighting size.  A lot of these “papio” (trevallies weighing less than … Continued

Kona fish want flash

And the heat goes on.  Sea temperatures remain near mid-summer highs, which may explain why some Kona fishermen are seeing July/August action in September and October.  On Tuesday, Capt. Neal Isaacs weighed a 573-pound blue marlin as his sea-temp gauge … Continued

Good deeds pay off in Kona

File this one under “Good deed, good karma, great catch.”   On Friday, Tyler Hams responded to a call for assistance from another fisherman, which would later put him in the right place to catch the biggest marlin of the … Continued

Tight tournament finishes

A Kona fishing tournament is never over until the last hook is pulled from the water.  What’s more, tournaments here are usually decided as much by the fish missed as the fish caught and even by the “count back” time … Continued

Peak blue marlin tagging

Was last week the best blue marlin tagging week of the year? It was for Mike Shimamoto and Capt. Carlton Taniyama on Team Five Star.  Going into the final day of the 30th Annual Big Island Marlin Tournament, Five Star … Continued

PIER PRESSURE – Insider’s look at the HIBT

PIER PRESSURE – Insider’s look at the HIBT During the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (HIBT) last week, I was on the pier every afternoon holding a microphone.  My job was to explain the strangest tournament in history to the assembled throng … Continued

Ladies’ Tournament marks midpoint of Kona season

Aptly named for a women’s competition, team Foxy Lady won the 21st annual Huggo’s Wahine Fishing Tournament with the largest blue marlin ever caught in the history of the popular benefit event. Anglers Nicolette Palacol, Saige Padilla and Gabby Lovell … Continued

Lure vs. bait, the winner is?

What’s the difference between a “lure” and a “bait”?  Well, a lure is an artificial bait and a bait is a natural lure.  But you can lure a fish with a bait and bait a fish with a lure.  Confused?  … Continued

Blue Hawaii battles 800-pound blue marlin

Blue Hawaii battles 800 pound blue marlin Rick Fair and his family joined Capt. James Dean and crew Tobin Hudgins on Blue Hawaii and got a shot at one of Kona’s biggest blue marlin of the year.  Daughter Stephanie, 13, … Continued