Kona Fishing Chronicles

These yearbooks include the best Kona fishing stories and fishing tips from each year, from the year 2000, through 2009. The tips are timeless, and the stories of the ones that didn't get away are moving from news to lore. Nine volumes published, with some sold out. All originally $20, now available 1 free when you purchase any 2 other books from Jim's collection. (Limited quantities)

THE KONA FISHING CHRONICLES are "a great read and a must for anyone going to Kona. Jim Rizzuto brings to life every fascinating aspect of Kona fishing with insight and wit. Despite an e-mail inbox constantly overflowing, I always make time to read Jim's weekly columns."

--Doug Olander, Editor-in-Chief, Sport Fishing magazine

THE KONA FISHING CHRONICLES "weekly snapshots of Hawaii's sport-fishing scene have proven priceless to me. Informative and clever, his weekly reports are always a joy to read."

--David Ritchie, Editor, Marlin magazine

THE KONA FISHING CHRONICLES are "an important resource for the Hawaii sportfishery. Jim Rizzuto explains fishing tactics for the novice and the old-timer in a simple straightforward manner."

--Peter Fithian, Founder and Chairman, Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament

THE KONA FISHING CHRONICLES "record the Kona catch in a humorous and insightful style. With these volumes, we can look back and see the catches and the mood of those 'good old days'."

-- David G. Itano, Hawaii Tuna Tagging Project

Fishing Hawaii Style Vol. 1

From the publisher, Hawaii Fishing News:

This book was motivated by my own curiosity about what is going on. Many fishermen feel that what they have learned is for their own benefit... The result is that all fishermen, both beginners and experts, pay the price.

Fishing knowledge is a common legacy. Even so, all of us have our own secret methods which we think make us different and better than anybody else. But in the final analysis... "The basics are a common heritage for all anglers" - Jim Rizzuto

Over 400 Illustrations Showing Basic To Advanced How-To Techniques:

  • Tackle and Techniques
  • Big Game
  • Bottom Fishing
  • Fishing FADs
  • Shore Casting

Recommended by Salt Water Sportsman Magazine:

"An excellent guide to Hawaiian angling. It's written smoothly and accurately and contains information that applies anywhere in the world.

"Jim Rizzuto was spawned as a Yankee, yet he left those periodically cold shores to become a school teacher in the warm Sandwich Islands. Today, he is an erudite resident of Hawaii.

"In this nice and instructive work, Rizzuto proves that he can teach sport fishing as well as grammar and spelling -- maybe better! Illustrations are line drawings by Leslie Hata, and they are generally immaculate. The work is loaded with helpful how-to illustrations.

"Rizzuto adds spice to his narrative by referring to each fish and often each technique by native Hawaiian and Japanese names, but he qualifies with stateside Americanese and Latin.

"This book is a worthy addition to any serious angler's library".      (Reprinted from SWS)

To order, contact: HAWAII FISHING NEWS (www.hawaiifishingnews.com)

Modern Hawaiian Game Fishing

“A must book for anybody planning to fish in Hawaii – well written, very informative and enjoyable to read. A lot of good information that really can be used wherever you fish.”

-- Charles O. Mather, author of Billfish

“So good that it will allow a near novice fisherman to adopt many of the skills of those who have known and fished Hawaiian waters for centuries. The book is not just suggested reading – it is a must for anyone who regularly fishes island waters.”

-- Rick Gaffney in The Maui Sun

This 1977 classic is available from the University of Hawaii Press: http://www.uhpress.hawaii.edu/p-5072-9780824804817.aspx

From the Fishwife Vol. 1 and 2

by Shirley Rizzuto. As described by the publisher:

Whether you’re a novice cook or a gourmet seafood chef, you’ll love the tempting simplicity of the more than 300 recipes offered in “Fresh Catch of the Day…from the FISHWIFE.”

An extensive array of Fishwife’s Tips will guide you to success- from choosing fresh seafood, to safe handling and preparation to innovative cooking in the kitchen and barbecuing and smoking seafood outdoors.

This, the second work of author and “Fishwife” Shirley Rizzuto, spanned the last decade of the 20th century. As we enter the next millenium, and increasing attention is given to healthy living for a longer life, scientists and dietitians predict we will turn more and more to the oceans of the world for healthy eating. With this in mind “Fresh Catch of the Day” will most certainly become a popular and necessary part of your culinary library.

The author’s first work, “Fish Dishes of the Pacific…from the FISHWIFE” was widely acclaimed as “the best of its breed” and “a fish preparation book without equal.”

We at HAWAII FISHING NEWS are sure that this second cookbook with its all-new recipes featuring the diversity of Hawai’i and the island nations of the Central Pacific and a sampling of the best of the Northwest and Alaska will elevate seafood preparation to new heights and increase appreciation for seafood cookery.

Within these pages, you will find a fabulous and varied collection of recipes for the many types of seafood available to the angler and at local seafood counters. The intent is that you will never again have to ponder what to do with your “Fresh Catch of the Day.”

To order Fresh Catch of the Day, go to HAWAII FISHING NEWS (http://www.hawaiifishingnews.com/books.cfm)