El nino effect on Kona fishing?

  In the months ahead we may finally learn the  answer to our most frequently asked question about the effect of weather on fishing in Hawaii.  Meterologists are predicting what might be the strongest El Nino on record.  It comes … Continued

Hawaiian fish hooks and how they were used

A fascinating look at the development of fish hooks in Hawaii by Peter T. Young. Some of the people of Hawaii were very knowledgeable about fishing, and they were called fisher-people. The hook was one thing used in fishing. The … Continued

Kona grander #4 for 2015 — Great fishing in Hawaii

Kona, August 18, 2015.  The charter boat Northern Lights II brought in a 1,075-pound Pacific blue marlin on Tuesday afternoon to record Kona’s fourth grander of 2015. Previously, Ihu Nui weighed a 1,058-pounder in February, Luna a 1,266.5-pounder in May, … Continued

KONA tag and release record? Fishing in Hawaii

It’s hard to tell whether you have set a record if you don’t know what the old record was.  It is even harder when you don’t know what your new claim is.  But let us allow none of that to … Continued

56th HIBT 2015 Awards List

Awards from the 56th Hawaiian International Billfish tournament Governor’s Trophy Team with the top points for the tournament First place: Team Likeke, USA; Captain Rich Wilson; Angler Tony Crabb; 2,295.9 points Second place: Sunshine Coast Game Fishing Club, Australia; Captain Brent Higgins; … Continued

HIBT 2015 Final Wrap

Kona, Hawaii (Friday, August 14, 2015) – Team Likeke Club hit the leaderboard in second place on Day Two, grabbed the top spot on Day Three and didn’t let go. “Tears were streaming down my face as we pulled into Kailua … Continued

Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament – Day 3

Day Three of the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament.  You will get to meet two legendary lure-makers — John Lau and Joe Yee. Going on 87-years-old, Joe is the quiet one and never talks on TV. In my private interview with … Continued

Kona Fishing Weekly Report for Pre-HIBT week

The 56th Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament is happening all this week. The 31 teams head out each morning with three wishes. They are hoping for lots of action, a big fish or two, and five smooth days with no problems … Continued