Ono, blue marlin, record sea bass, odd catches

How can you tell the ono are coming?  Some are already here.  Many boats caught at least one and some caught multiples.  On Saturday, Capt. Jim Wigzell sent in a photo of 4 ono on Hooked Up with the caption … Continued

Birthday billfish, monster ahi, giant job fish

DOUBLE BIRTHDAY BILLFISH WHAMMY Birthdays are to good fishing what bananas are to bad luck.  Good friends Regina Farish and Cheryl Cagampang share the same birthday and celebrated it together on Saturday with a fishing trip on Kona Blue.  By … Continued

Biggest blue, first black, longest fight, oddest catch

Biggest blue marlin of the year, first black marlin of 2017, longest marlin “fight” in many months, most spearfish on a single trip, strangest catch on a lure — these unusual stories headline another special week of Kona fishing. The … Continued