Blue marlin, oriental bonito, sailfish, sharp jaw bonefish and a nunu ulaula

With Halloween just ahead, the fish are in trick-or-treat mode.  These days, you have to be especially tricky to get a treat and your treat is likely to be a surprise in disguise. On Blue Hawaii, Capt. James Dean and … Continued

Bluefin, yellowfin, blue marlin in Kona report

Bluefin Trevally Please Shorecasters Two summers ago, Hawaii coves, bays, harbors, and reefs swarmed with juvenile bluefin trevally.  These hand-sized youngsters promised great shorefishing ahead when they grew to fighting size.  A lot of these “papio” (trevallies weighing less than … Continued

Kona fish want flash

And the heat goes on.  Sea temperatures remain near mid-summer highs, which may explain why some Kona fishermen are seeing July/August action in September and October.  On Tuesday, Capt. Neal Isaacs weighed a 573-pound blue marlin as his sea-temp gauge … Continued