Solo marlin and new species

The 2017 Big-Fish List competition is off to a flying start.  Ten of the 22 slots already have worthy entries. Last week’s hottest skipper, Capt. Bobby Cherry, fished alone on Wednesday and took both the blue marlin and shortbill spearfish … Continued

Kona catch includes lots of favorites and some oddities.

Who had the best fishing trip of the week?  That depends on your favorite gamefish.  This week, the battle for the mythical title involves bigeye tuna, blue marlin, striped marlin, shortbill spearfish, and ono.  And there is no doubt that … Continued

Kona fishing end-of-year wrap-up

In an exciting final week of the year, three lucky anglers took over top spots on our Big-Fish List for 2016. The year ended with new leaders for shortbill spearfish (58.5-pounds), striped marlin (151), and opakapaka (13.5). Capt. Jeff Heintz … Continued

Kona fishing’s odd cast of characters

KONA FISHING’S ODD CAST OF CHARACTERS Kona has always attracted celebrities, including many who visit here to fish for blue marlin.  One in particular came to mind this week as I was watching a war movie on late-night TV.  Seeing … Continued