Case of the Disappearing `ahi

First published in November 2002.  Look for the article in Chapter 11 of The Kona Fishing Chronicles 2002. Hawaii ‘ahi used to be bigger.  No argument, there.  But how much bigger? The answer may be a difference of as much … Continued

Kona fishing tuna record on the way?

For the full Jim Rizzuto report, check out the link.  Do you think we are on track to catch a 300-pound yellowfin tuna this year? Beasts of the week (marlin weighing 500 pounds or more): None weighed. Tag … Continued

For Kona Fishing, 100-lb Ono Rarer than Grander Blues

This week’s throwback story comes from May, 1999 and appearred in The Kona Fishing Chronicles 1999 100-pound Ono Rarer Than Grander Marlin 5/28/99 In Hawaii waters, hundred-pound ono are rarer than grander marlin. So it was big news last week when Sam “Waha” … Continued

Kona Fishing for 4/20/2015

An 850-pound miracle marlin on Kona Concept, a broken hook on Night Runner and a 220-pound ahi on Malia Anne.  And those are just the start of a great week of interesting catches. Beasts of the week (marlin weighing … Continued

Big Striped Marlin and Bigger Tuna Day

From May 21, 2003.   STRIPED MARLIN WALLS TO WALLS, THE GREATEST TUNA TRIP OF THE YEAR, A TUNA FOR SHOW AND TELL The three Walls brothers have proved that any Tom, Bob or Pat can catch a big striped marlin.  Well, not Bob. … Continued

Scrambled Spring Fishing in Kona

Weekly report for May 12, 2014 Spring fishing in Kona is scrambled right now for sure. What’s that mean? Well, let’s see by running down a checklist of Kona’s offshore gamefish. Hit the link below for a rundown of action … Continued


Our weekly throwback takes us back to May, 2006 for some special stories about broadbill swordfish, ono and other May surprises. First published on May, 8, 2006.  Reprinted from Kona Fishing Chronicles 2006/2007. It’s spring when the balmy nights turn … Continued

233 pound ahi raises Kona bar

Check out for the weekly report from Kona by Jim Rizzuto. Biggest Kona `ahi of 2015, 233 pounds, on Cherry Pit II, Bomboy scores a 711- introduces special 3X strong “beast” hooks, Wounded Warrior Billfish Battles, Ono run is on, One … Continued