Kona Grander Number Three for 2015

On July 28, anglers Darrell Omori and Guy Kitaoka boated a 1,368-pound Pacific blue marlin to record Kona’s third “grander” of 2014.  It’s Kona’s biggest blue since a 1,356-pounder on Spellbound in June, 1992 and a 1,400-pounder on Marlin Magic … Continued

Kona Fishing Chronicles big/little fishing stories.

Each week we bring you the biggest fishing story of the week. But every fishing adventure is the biggest story of the week to the fishermen who lived it. So this week, we’ll look at some of the “biggest little” … Continued

Kona’s greatest marlin catching day ever?

Blue Monday  From the Kona Fishing Chronicles April 1990 If quality fishing depends on size as much as numbers, April 30, 1990 qualifies as one of the top billfishing days in Hawaii history. Twenty-two big marlin were weighed in at … Continued

Kona Marlin “Double Trouble”

“Doubles” are double trouble. One-on-one, a blue marlin can be a tough contender for anyone. When you are facing two at once, however, the odds get longer and the excitement can be “off the hook,” (a particularly apt use of … Continued

Kona Iki Trollers Wahine Tale

Jim says:  I couldn’t resist sharing this fishing tale from friend Alayna Gomes.   Had an awesome day fishing with friends Nicole and Crystal in the Kona Iki Wahine Tournament yesterday. Got to see the beautiful sunrise over the mountain. Crystal … Continued

When orcas visit Kona. Here’s why.

 From May, 2003 and reprinted in Kona Fishing Chronicles 2003/2004 Capt. Jeff Heintz was startled by the sight of huge explosions of white water “out in the middle of the porpoise school” and went to investigate. The pods of dolphin had … Continued

A circle hook controversy

From Kona Fishing Chronicles January 2012. Diver Bruce Ayau speared an 87-pound ulua off Kona’s OTEC Point and swam to shore towing an oddity. A circle hook was jammed in the ulua’s jaw hinge and appears to have been there … Continued

Gatorade lure grabs big fish

From the Kona Fishing Chronicles Archives of December, 2014  By Jim Rizzuto From the earliest days, the history of fishing lures throughout the Pacific has been a story of artificial baits crafted from discards like bone, shell, and boar bristles.  … Continued

Kona Fishing best tagging report ever

Latest Kona report by Jim Rizzuto features stories from the best tagging year ever and some eye-opening catches of big tuna. Because Carol Hinkle-Herren has her own personal tag-and-release tournament going on, the current run of smaller blue marlin fits … Continued

Big Island Grander Number 3 for 2015

An excited group of five friends on the Hilo boat Liberty Dream made history on Monday when they boated a 1,010-pound Pacific blue marlin.  The “grander” was only the fourth Hilo marlin weighing over 1,000 pounds on the official list … Continued