Marlin Blast from Five Years Past

from The Kona Fishing Chronicles, Vol. 9/10.  March 29, 2010 (five years ago) BIG MARLIN CONTINUE TO MAKE NEWS. Catch one marlin weighing 1,000 pounds and you make one angler very happy. Catch two marlin totaling 1,000 pounds and you’ve … Continued

Preparation Plus Opportunity Adds Up To Luck

From The Kona Fishing Chronicles 2009/2010 Before he retired from chartering, I used to fish a lot with Capt. Freddy “The Philosopher” Rice. I call him that because he filled the conversation with theories and quotes consistent with his ivy-league … Continued

The Banana Jinx in Action

From The Kona Fishing Chronicles 2009/2010 — March, 2009 In a recent phone call, a long-time Honolulu fisherman claimed that he knew the origin of the banana jinx and had successfully used the redolent fruit in a tournament to put … Continued