Blue marlin, oriental bonito, sailfish, sharp jaw bonefish and a nunu ulaula

With Halloween just ahead, the fish are in trick-or-treat mode.  These days, you have to be especially tricky to get a treat and your treat is likely to be a surprise in disguise. On Blue Hawaii, Capt. James Dean and … Continued

The Fish Weight Formula

    Fish weight formula Copyright 2016 by Jim Rizzuto. All rights reserved except the right to link your site to this page. Do not use the popular fish weight formula without reading this article first.  Nearly every week of … Continued

Light-tackle bigeye tuna record for Ron

Back in younger days, Ron Freitas set ultralight tackle records for bigeye tuna and albacore.  Twenty years ago, I interviewed Ron about the techniques that made his catches possible.  This article appeared in my Kona Fishing Chronicles column and then … Continued

Kona’s all-time biggest kahala

Last week’s catch of the biggest kahala in more than five years brought up questions about Hawaii’s all-time biggest. So we dug back into our Kona Fishing Chronicles files to pull up our story and photo from July, 2010. Kona … Continued

Choy’s 1,805-pound monster revisited

By a great stroke of good luck, I was in Honolulu on June 10, 1970 when the biggest marlin ever caught on rod and reel came into Kewalo Basin.  The news reached me on the UH campus where I was doing … Continued

The Great Banana Hoax

I wrote this article for my column on May 29, 2006.  Since then it has been pirated by others and either used without attribution or published with someone else’s byline.  You can be assured that this is the original, with a … Continued

The good and the lucky

Fishermen say it all of the time: “I’d rather be lucky than good.”  But does it have to be one or the other?  Last week, Arnie Wolfe tied for biggest ono of the year by being good and lucky. Here’s … Continued

Crazy action with Kona Marlin in November

Rizzuto 47 11/16/15   On Thursday, Robert Ventura and his buddy Adrian Agcaoili took Robert’s 17-foot Boston Whaler out to F-buoy to try for the usual types of small game that hang around the FADs.  He was hoping to catch fish … Continued

Kona Marlin Fishing in November 2006

Kona blue marlin fishing in 2015 has been remarkable by any measure, whether you are counting the number of granders or the number of fish tagged and released. As we count up the November catch for 2015, here is a … Continued

Tip of the week — Handling a marlin at the boat

Watch Oskie Rice as he safely handles a 19-foot leader to bring a 375-pound blue marlin to the tag stick.  Suitable gloves are essential.  Each hand wrap starts on the inside of the leader and wraps outward just once.  If … Continued