How to make an eye-catching lure?

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  Chris Barela, a neighbor of mine in Waimea, bought a few of my lure-making books to perfect his fishing skills. He’s had some eye-catching results.  Here is his story and a glimpse of his work. “I think I have … Continued

Mystery marlin biggest of 2016 to date?

MYSTERY MARLIN Our oddest catches of this week are two mystery fish.  No, the mystery isn’t what they are. They are blue marlin, but we don’t have the details necessary to give them full recognition.  With the proper credentials, either … Continued

Rubber spearfish — teaser or lure for big marlin?

Here’s Chapter Two in the saga of the spearfish-look-alike trolling lure. In Chapter One, last week, you read the story of the 42-inch lure made to look and swim like a shortbill spearfish. The tempting rubber shortbill was the brainchild … Continued

Derelict Japan fishing boat brings mahimahi to Kona

Five years after the Japan tsunami of March 2011, the flotsam from the catstrophe continues to drift into Hawaii waters, bringing surprises with it.  On Wednesday, the surprise was an overturned skiff surrounded by a huge school of mahimahi. Floating … Continued

Oddest catches of the week

Black marlin from where? This week’s most unusual catch qualifies for the title in a dozen different ways.  You count ‘em as we recount the story. It happened on Wednesday (no need to check – it wasn’t April Fool’s Day) … Continued