Mahimahi, ulua, sailfish among new Kona Big-Fish leaders

NEW ULUA LEADER While Devin Hallingstad was fishing from his kayak on Saturday, kayak buddy Grant Decker was towing a live bait nearby.  By keeping an eye on each other, Devin and Grant help reduce the dangers of going to … Continued

Sailfish “run” in February?

Can you believe we are talking about a Kona sailfish run in February? Substitute the name of any month for “February” and the question is just as confounding.  Sailfish catches are unusual here any time of the year.  So it … Continued

The Big Fish Are Coming!

The big fish are coming. We know because some of them are already here.  On Friday, Kona Spirit reported the biggest blue marlin released so far in 2016.  That was three days after High Noon weighed the heaviest blue of … Continued

Mahimahi, onaga, ulua and a striped marlin with a tale

Leighton Kelekoma, 12, caught a 38-pound mahimahi to take over the Big-Fish List mahimahi lead. His light fishing tackle was as much a surprise as his young age.  The youngster’s Penn spinning rod and reel is a sturdy outfit for … Continued

Bigeyes, Yellows, Skipjacks, Stripes, Spears top Kona Report

Can you tell the difference between a “bigeye” and a “yellow”?  Kona fisherman Steve Cornacchia sent this photo of a tuna that couldn’t seem to make up its mind.  The anal fin looks like the fin of a yellowfin tuna … Continued