Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series enters 29th year.

The Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series enters its 29th year this weekend, which is somewhat interesting because organizer Jody Bright says he never intended to be in the tournament business at all. “We created the Big Island Invitational Marlin Tournament back … Continued

Make Mine Mahimahi

As a guy who writes about big-game fishing in Hawaii, I fight with my spell-checker every day.  It doesn’t know how to spell “mahimahi.”  It tries to stick a hyphen between the two “mahi” parts and scolds me – even … Continued

Kona Fishing All Stirred Up

  In a huge celebration of boats, fishermen, family and friends, Randy llanes’ ashes were scattered at sea off Kona last Friday.  But if you think that’s the end of Randy, think again. I have a few stories for you. … Continued

Ahi round the clock in Kona

Our latest Kona update is up on Fishtrack.com now and features great recent catches of ono and blue marlin. http://www.fishtrack.com/fishing-reports/big-ahi-in-kona-report_1853 The Big-Fish List and catch report are stuffed with great fishing results this week. Big-Fish List for 2015. The list … Continued

Kona when the ono bite turns on

From June, 2001.  Reprinted from The Kona Fishing Chronicles 2001.  Rapping to “The Beat Goes Ono” The latest rap hit on Kona radio (that’s fishing radio, of course) is “Be There When the Bite Turns Ono.” The stars of this … Continued

Otaru, Blue Marlin, `Ahi, Bigeye Trevally, Broadbill Swordfish.

Check out this week’s Kona update featuring a wide-range of catches from otaru, blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, ono, bigeye trevally to an overnight broadbill swordfish. Follow the action with Jim Rizzuto every week. http://www.fishtrack.com/fishing-reports/kona-offshore-update-report_1827 Big-Fish List for 2015. The list … Continued

Biggest Bluefin Trevally Ever Caught?

We are reprinting this story from The Kona Fishing Chronicles of 1999.  We first published it in our weekly column in June 1999.  It tells the tale of a very mystifying case of mistaken identity for what was thought to be the … Continued

Luna pulls in biggest Kona grander of the year

Back on May 19, Fishtrack.com published my story “Does Your Boat Attract Fish?” That piece attracted more discussion than anything else I posted. Consider this a follow-up. When preparing the story of the 1,226.5-pound blue marlin, I pulled in all … Continued