Kawakawa, kahala and opakapaka lead the list

With just 10 days left in 2015, there is still time left to hook the biggest fish of the year in one or more of the 22 categories on our Big-Fish List. In fact, we’ve seen three new list-leaders in … Continued

Giant AJ and solo double blue marlin

On Saturday, angler Ernie Schroeder pulled up the heaviest kahala (amberjack) weighed here in over 5 years.  Ernie caught his 124-pounder while bottom-fishing on the charterboat Night Runner with Capt. Shawn Rotella and crew Jah Nogues. When the fishing is … Continued

The ono have it backwards

Rizzuto 50 12/07/15 A triple ono strike in December?  The ono seem to have it backwards.  Where were they back in May and June?  Late spring and early summer are when you expect ono to hit in bunches but they … Continued

Kona Gal sets world record half a world away

Last week’s biggest Kona fishing story happened half a world away. While fishing at Ascension Island in the South Atlantic, Kona gal Jada Holt boated a 1,305-pound Atlantic blue marlin. Jada’s giant has been submitted to the International Gamefish Association … Continued

Missed marlin record/new marlin records

THE RECORD THAT ALMOST WAS Jan Martic has been chasing light-tackle world records for decades.  Perhaps her greatest accomplishment came ten years ago, when she caught a 642-pound blue marlin on 20-pound-class line to set the Ladies’ 20-class Pacific blue … Continued

Long kayak fights with billfish

Two weeks ago, kayaker Jared Willeford hooked a huge sailfish outside Keauhou and battled it from 8 a.m. until dark. During the 11-hour fight, the unrelenting fish pulled him down the coastline to Hookena. Dehydrated and suffering from heatstroke, the … Continued

Halloween colors — trick or treat?

Neal Isaacs, skipper of the charterboat Anxious, has a peculiar strategy for fishing during holidays.  He celebrates by trolling with lures in the colors you normally associate with the event.  For Independance Day, for example, that means red, white and … Continued

Kona fishing competes with the world

In this week’s report, look for a throwback to an odd giant marlin, some insights into the warmwater influence on mahimahi catches, where to view the excitement of kayak fishing for big game, and some links to tips that will … Continued

Henry Chee’s legacy lives on in Kona fishing

The legacy of Capt. Henry Chee is written in the “smoke” trail of every billfish lure charging through the wakes of big-game boats everywhere in the tropical world. The legendary Kona captain began running charterboats here in the 1930s. He … Continued

Choosing a Kona fishing charter?

What’s your strategy for choosing a boat to fish on?  For Ben and Chrissy Bertram, visitors from the Bay Area, their choice was determined at birth.  The Bertrams think their last name is lucky so they scanned the boats in … Continued