For Kona Fishing, 100-lb Ono Rarer than Grander Blues

This week’s throwback story comes from May, 1999 and appearred in The Kona Fishing Chronicles 1999 100-pound Ono Rarer Than Grander Marlin 5/28/99 In Hawaii waters, hundred-pound ono are rarer than grander marlin. So it was big news last week when Sam “Waha” … Continued

Big Striped Marlin and Bigger Tuna Day

From May 21, 2003.   STRIPED MARLIN WALLS TO WALLS, THE GREATEST TUNA TRIP OF THE YEAR, A TUNA FOR SHOW AND TELL The three Walls brothers have proved that any Tom, Bob or Pat can catch a big striped marlin.  Well, not Bob. … Continued


Our weekly throwback takes us back to May, 2006 for some special stories about broadbill swordfish, ono and other May surprises. First published on May, 8, 2006.  Reprinted from Kona Fishing Chronicles 2006/2007. It’s spring when the balmy nights turn … Continued

Billfish right under your nose from 4/24/06

Reprinted from The Kona Fishing Chronicles volume 6/7 From,  04-24-06 You never know where your next billfish will turn up.   Steve Ross of Pismo Beach, Calif., joined Jay Lighty on the Mariah and found a 520.5- pound marlin right under … Continued

Prepare to Repel Boarders

From April 15, 2002 Published in the Kona Fishing Chronicles 2002 PREPARE TO REPEL BOARDERS WHALES, FISHERMEN AND TESTOSTERONE In the long history of legendary sea battles, victory has often turned on the skillful maneuvers of captain and crew. So it … Continued


BIGGEST KONA MARLIN EVER BY A LADY ANGLER? From April 9, 2002 Tell me I’m wrong.  The largest billfish ever caught in Hawaii by a lady angler was boated on April Fool’s Day 2002 on the Catchem I. One week … Continued


Published on April 2, 2007 and reprinted in The Kona Fishing Chronicles 2007/2008 NO APRIL FOOL’S STORIES THESE.  It’s April Fool’s Day as I write this and last week’s catches range from the bizarre to the unbelievable. And we aren’t … Continued

Early Lure-making Mentor

From May, 2006.  Published in Kona Fishing Chronicles 2006/2007 “Get Zander to tell you about the time he swam across the Molokai Channel in the middle of the night.” The voice on the phone belonged to Dave Nottage and he … Continued

Marlin Blast from Five Years Past

from The Kona Fishing Chronicles, Vol. 9/10.  March 29, 2010 (five years ago) BIG MARLIN CONTINUE TO MAKE NEWS. Catch one marlin weighing 1,000 pounds and you make one angler very happy. Catch two marlin totaling 1,000 pounds and you’ve … Continued

Preparation Plus Opportunity Adds Up To Luck

From The Kona Fishing Chronicles 2009/2010 Before he retired from chartering, I used to fish a lot with Capt. Freddy “The Philosopher” Rice. I call him that because he filled the conversation with theories and quotes consistent with his ivy-league … Continued