Why Kona remains a prime destination for big-game fishing.

Sixty years ago, Capt. George Parker made ­headlines around the world when he caught the first certified, world-record grander Pacific blue marlin. Since that 1,002-pound giant in November 1954, Hawaii’s lee eddies have churned up a stream of 1,000-pound blues … Continued

Hawaiian fish hooks and how they were used

A fascinating look at the development of fish hooks in Hawaii by Peter T. Young. Some of the people of Hawaii were very knowledgeable about fishing, and they were called fisher-people. The hook was one thing used in fishing. The … Continued

Kona’s greatest marlin catching day ever?

Blue Monday  From the Kona Fishing Chronicles April 1990 If quality fishing depends on size as much as numbers, April 30, 1990 qualifies as one of the top billfishing days in Hawaii history. Twenty-two big marlin were weighed in at … Continued

When orcas visit Kona. Here’s why.

 From May, 2003 and reprinted in Kona Fishing Chronicles 2003/2004 Capt. Jeff Heintz was startled by the sight of huge explosions of white water “out in the middle of the porpoise school” and went to investigate. The pods of dolphin had … Continued

A circle hook controversy

From Kona Fishing Chronicles January 2012. Diver Bruce Ayau speared an 87-pound ulua off Kona’s OTEC Point and swam to shore towing an oddity. A circle hook was jammed in the ulua’s jaw hinge and appears to have been there … Continued

Gatorade lure grabs big fish

From the Kona Fishing Chronicles Archives of December, 2014  By Jim Rizzuto From the earliest days, the history of fishing lures throughout the Pacific has been a story of artificial baits crafted from discards like bone, shell, and boar bristles.  … Continued

Make Mine Mahimahi

As a guy who writes about big-game fishing in Hawaii, I fight with my spell-checker every day.  It doesn’t know how to spell “mahimahi.”  It tries to stick a hyphen between the two “mahi” parts and scolds me – even … Continued

Kona when the ono bite turns on

From June, 2001.  Reprinted from The Kona Fishing Chronicles 2001.  Rapping to “The Beat Goes Ono” The latest rap hit on Kona radio (that’s fishing radio, of course) is “Be There When the Bite Turns Ono.” The stars of this … Continued

Biggest Bluefin Trevally Ever Caught?

We are reprinting this story from The Kona Fishing Chronicles of 1999.  We first published it in our weekly column in June 1999.  It tells the tale of a very mystifying case of mistaken identity for what was thought to be the … Continued

Case of the Disappearing `ahi

First published in November 2002.  Look for the article in Chapter 11 of The Kona Fishing Chronicles 2002. Hawaii ‘ahi used to be bigger.  No argument, there.  But how much bigger? The answer may be a difference of as much … Continued