Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament – Day 3

Day Three of the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament.  You will get to meet two legendary lure-makers — John Lau and Joe Yee. Going on 87-years-old, Joe is the quiet one and never talks on TV. In my private interview with him off-camera, Joe said something very special: “In my new lures, I am making rainbow eyes.”  That’s encouraging because he still plans to make lures despite the many reports that his lure-making days were over.  He also introduced me to his grandson, who is learning how to follow in his footsteps.  The Joe Yee tradition is now 55 years old and looks like it will continue.  A few words about the video.  The voice-over narrative and final wrap-up portion got lost in production.  So after Peter Fithian did the introduction, the only voice you hear is mine.  Too bad because Peter Fithian and Chief Judge Albert Threadingham always have great insights and explanations.