HIBT 2015 Final Wrap

Kona, Hawaii (Friday, August 14, 2015) – Team Likeke Club hit the leaderboard in second place on Day Two, grabbed the top spot on Day Three and didn’t let go. “Tears were streaming down my face as we pulled into Kailua Pier today,” said Rich Wilson, this year’s HIBT champion. “I was the youngest HIBT angler back in the ’60s. We moved away, but I never lost my passion for HIBT fishing. Hawaiian fishermen have the deepest passion for fishing.”

Rich and Ryan fill the bucket list

Wilson continued, “I was told I wouldn’t make another Christmas and I knew I had to come back. And we did and gave her one last hurrah!”

Australia’s Sunshine Coast Game Fishing Club took second place followed by Japan’s Kona Game Fishing Club – Kusatsu. Illusions, captained by Tim Hicks with crew members Chris Kam and Jordan Kilkenny, was the top boat scoring the highest number of points over the five days of tournament fishing.

“This was a memorable year at the 56th Annual Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament,” said HIBT Founder Peter Fithian. “All 31 teams and every charter boat in the fleet put points on the board. I’d say that is pretty close to perfect.”

2015 HIBT Day Five Results

Team Likeke Club 2,296
Sunshine Coast Game Fish Club 2,289
Kona Game Fishing Club ­– Kusatsu 2,114
Mermaids Anglers Club ­– Team Kalaoa 2,100
Nanhai Lang Tao Club 1,700
New Britain Game Fishing Club 1,700
TOP BOATS POINTS (inc bonus)
Illusions 2,445
Northern Lights II 2,000
Ihu Nui 1,764
Hooked Up 1,658
Kona Blue 1,550
Topshape                                        1450

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  1. Erin Andrew Whattam

    Past reporter Maui Hi. Fishing News…

    Do you have fish stats on 1983 & 1998 … & past other El Nino Years?

    1983 for some a fantastic Catching year… the second year of an El Nino… ?


    • Jim Rizzuto

      I don’t have them but they should be in the archives of Hawaii Fishing News.