Classic “grass” lure skirting

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Tested and proven for decades, “chair grass” skirts are a colorful, durable, effective and economical alternative to high-priced ChairGrassSkirtClassicPearlLureoptions. The skirts are made from chair webbing, a product manufactured for hard use outdoors in sun, rain, and abuse from heavy butts.  To see three ways to skirt lures with durable webbing, visit DIY lure skirts.

To learn how to make the lure head shown, check out Kona Lure-Making Book Two and Kona Lure-making Book One.

For lure-making pros, the shell pieces inside the lure shown were made from a discarded wrist band.  (I hope it was a discard or I’ll have a lot to answer for when the owner sees this page.)




  1. Jim Rizzuto

    From David Itano: Hi Jim, I bought dozens of rolls of the stuff when I worked in Samoa in the 80s to test as a strapping under FADs. The rolls used to be sold in hardware stores so that people could re-strap their worn out lawn chairs. At the time there was not a single lawn chair in Samoa!, so the guy in the store sold me everything he had for cheap! He had no idea what they were for. I later used the stuff to strap lures as plastic skirts were scarce and expensive. I also used it very effectively when tagging tuna in Midway as the stuff could stand up to all the big ono that tore up our plastic skirts. My favorite was “taape”, a strap that was yellow, blue and white. I still have some.