Beginner’s lure-making tip

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Lures by beginning lure-maker Will Tuten show a special tip to remember when you are creating your own original models.

Will sent me the pics with the message “I just wanted to say thanks again for the books and wanted your opinion on one of my first lures. You were absolutely right, it is an addiction.”

In the images, you will see that Will left the brass tube extension on the lures.  That’s a good idea at this preliminary stage.  After the lure has been water-tested for action, you may want to make a mold of the original model for ease of duplication.  The pipe extension will form a pocket in the mold.  The pocket then will hold subsequent leader tubes in the right position for molding future lures.

When your final product is in daily use, you will want to remove the extension so the tube ends at the face of the lure.

Nice job on these, Will.  They look good and will definitely catch fish.