Uncured resin makes a mess

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What a mess! The lesson here is that catalyst loses its effectiveness over time and no longer kicks the MessResinTake1resin. Always use fresh catalyst. This came out of the mold like a blob of Jello after 24 hours of waiting for it to harden. It took a week of bright sunlight to get it this far. I considered it to be an opportunity to lathe it into a new shape. Hidden inside you can barely make out one of my special  labels. The lettering is very subtle so as not to terrify the fish. I’m experimenting with some of the Aquablue Maui shell laminates to see what they look like when cast inside colored resin.


Here is “What a Mess, Take 2.” You saw the nasty blob of uncured resin in my previous picture, which was the result of catalyst that was too old. After a week in the bright sun, I finally got it hard enough to work on my MessTake2simple lathe. I had to follow the shape the cured resin provided and ended up with a new design as a result of trying to make the material work. It is loaded with lead (thanks Eric Koyanagi) and decorated with shell laminate (thanks Aquabluemaui.com) and marked with my subtle new label (thanks — mystery guy). I cut the face on a slight bevel and will experiment until I get the action I want. And if it turns out to be a winner, I’ll make a new mold.

  1. John (Buzz) Jens

    Great Stuff..
    I have 12 or so Cast Lures My Dad Collected years Ago.
    They are unfinished & Have the Metal going Through.
    I’m sure I can coat them with Finishing Resin
    To be able to Finish them up. BUT, how to get out the Metal & What kind of hook & Skirts..
    I’d like to show you them,as they are 40 + years Old..
    Check out these Classic Makers
    808 Tooba 3252455
    Thes as you kniw go way Back..
    So, How to get the metal Rod Out
    & Finish
    I know you’d be interested in seeing these..