Lure Making 201-202 cover-2

Here’s the book you have been waiting for.  Lure-Making 201/202 is the second in the series of Kona Fishing Chronicles books on how to design, make and use big-game trolling lures for marlin, tuna, mahimahi, wahoo and many other major offshore gamefish.  It’s a sequel to the highly popular Lure-Making 101/102.

With more advanced techniques and materials, the 201/202 book helps you advance your lure-making skills so you can catch more and enjoy your offshore fishing more.  The two books overlap about 5% for consistency.  Otherwise, this book is all new material.  Make sure you have both. If you purchase both, you save on shipping.

The book has been out only since November 2014 and the first printing is almost gone.  The first printing has already been purchased by buyers in 41 of the 50 states and 16 foreign countries. It has been received with rave reviews.

Maui lure-making legend Steve Elkins’ review of 201/202 is short and to the point:  For those who want to catch a fish on a lure they made, this book is the way. It explains everything very clearly and gives all the information needed to produce a great lure.”

Table of Contents

Introduction Solving a 50-year-old Mystery

Chapter One: Heresies and Contradictions

Chapter Two: The Classic Tube Lure

Chapter Three: What’s Your Angle?

Chapter Four: How Fast is Too Fast?

Chapter Five: Eye or Nay?

Chapter Six: The Goldilocks Test

Chapter Seven: Meet Your Match

Chapter Eight: Natural Colors?

Chapter Nine: Weighty Matters

Chapter Ten: Digging Deeper

Chapter Eleven: Sorting Out the Important

Chapter Twelve: Make the Most of Your Trolling Pattern

Chapter Thirteen: Jets – The Hole Truth


Chapter Fourteen: When to Change Lures

Chapter Fifteen: All about Skirts

Chapter Sixteen: Staying on Track

Chapter Seventeen: Lures and Leaders

  • 188 pages.
  • 300 photos including 112 in full color.
  • List price: $20