Marlin from shore on the Big Island

The Big Island is one of the few places in the world where you have a chance to catch a marlin from shore.  Shore fisherman Justin Crusat made it happen last Monday using a technique developed especially to take advantage of the unique conditions prevailing at South Point.

BlackOnRocksBut hooking the fish was the easy part.  Reeling it back to shore and hauling it up the rough face of the rocky cliff made the catch nearly impossible.

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Forget about all of the fishing superstitions you’ve heard all of your life.  Except one.  Definitley believe in “birthday luck.”  The stories of birthday catches speak for themselves, like this one from last Thursday on Sea Strike.

Capt. Dale Leverone gave us the details.

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Aulani and Richard Jeffreys of Waimea fish the Kona coast on their catamaran Malukai II.  Though Aulani’s dad once captained a charter boat out of Kawaihae, the Jeffreys are not professional fishermen by any means.

A recent Malukai II adventure with a 350-pound marlin is a lesson in how important it can be to make your own luck.

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Friday June 10, the 14th annual Hawaii Big Game Fishing Club’s, Rock n’ Reel Big Game Fishing tournament kicks off with registration, briefing and dinner at the Club House beginning at 5:00 PM for the registration followed by dinner and briefing. Fishing happens on Saturday and Sunday with a 7:30 am shotgun start at the green buoy and goes until 3:30 pm.

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Recently, the blues in Kona waters have been battle-scarred veterans.

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Big-Fish List for 2016. The list recognizes the biggest fish caught on rod and reel (except opakapaka and onaga, for which we’ll accept hand line catches) in West Hawaii waters for 2016 in each of 22 categories. They are listed by species, weight, angler, skipper, boat, and date. The list is updated every Sunday throughout the year (copyright 2016 by Jim Rizzuto). If we have overlooked you, give us a call (885-4208) or send an e-mail ([email protected]).

  • Blue marlin, 865, Louis Paulo and grandson Kalamaokalani Kelekolio-Crivello, Anela okaikea. April 16.
  • Black marlin, 241.5, Rod Schill, Capt. Butch Chee, Duck Soup, May 14.
  • Ahi, 227, Capt. Russ Nitta, Lepika. Jan 6.
  • Bigeye tuna, 173, Dave Remillard, Miles Nakahara, Puamana II. Jan. 11.
  • Striped marlin, 136.5, Mitchell Romero, Capt. Guy Terwilliger, High Flier. Jan 22.
  • Spearfish, 54, Nick Humpries, Capt. Shawn Rotella, Night Runner, Feb. 26
  • Sailfish, 91, Mike Foster, Capt. Shawn Rotella, Night Runner. Mar. 24.
  • Mahimahi, 53, Nainoa Murtagh, Aulani. Feb. 10.
  • Ono, 62, Charlie Ford, Capt. Shawn Rotella, Night Runner. Mar. 18.
  • Kaku, (barracuda), 49.5, Koi Lorance and Tyson Fukuyama, Miki.  May 7.
  • Kahala, 70, Jessica Yell, Capt. Shawn Rotella, Night Runner. Jan 22.
  • Ulua (giant trevally), 74, Bochan Johnson, from shore. Apr 3.
  • Omilu (bluefin trevally), 18.5, Mikey McCrum, Shoreline. May 13
  • Otaru (skipjack tuna), 28, Rannie Beaver, Capt. McGrew Rice, Ihu Nui, May 14.
  • Broadbill swordfish, 333.5, Josh and Duane Bunch, Koinonia May 21.
  • Ahipalaha (albacore), (vacant)
  • Kawakawa, 18, Capt. Shawn Rotella, Night Runner. Apr. 2.
  • Kamanu (rainbow runner), 12.5. Tom Britton, kayak. Apr. 13
  • Opakapaka (pink snapper), 9.5. Butch Chee, Sueto Matsumoto, Sandee. Mar. 12.
  • Onaga (ulaula ko`aie), 19.5, Greg Hong, Kevin Shiraki, Erin Kai.  Feb 25.
  • Uku (gray snapper), 17.5, Devin Hallingstad, kayak. Mar. 24.
  • O`io (bonefish), (vacant)

Beasts of the week (marlin weighing 500 pounds or more).

May 30: Blue marlin (575) Larry Peardon, Capt. Robbie Brown, El Jobean


May 29: Blue marlin (150) Unknown, Capt. Brad Pickens, EZ Pickens

May 29: Blue marlin (150 and 190) Unknown, Capt. Bomboy Llanes, Bomboys Toy

May 29: Blue marlin (175) Brian McCormack, Capt. Kevin Hiney, Ku’uipo

May 30: Spearfish (45) Unknown, Capt. Neal Isaacs, Anxious

May 31: Blue marlin (150) Camron Westfal, Capt. Tim Hicks, Illusions

June 1: Blue marlin (175) Chris Kolkind, Capt. Shawn Palmer, Camelot

June 1: Spearfish (40) Unknown, Capt. Kent Mongreig, Sea Wife II

June 1: Blue marlin (150 and 500) Victor Cimino, Capt. Neal Isaacs, Anxious

June 3: Blue marlin (170) Mark Johnson, (200) Tim Wurster, Capt. Marlin Parker, Marlin Magic II

June 3: Blue marlin (175) Carl, Capt. Chad Contessa, Bite Me I

June 3: Blue marlin (175) David, Capt. Bobby Cherry, Cherry Pit II

June 3: Spearfish (25) Unknown, Capt. Kevin Nakamaru, Northern Lights

June 3: Blue marlin (200) Siva Kolappa, Capt. Tobin Hudgins, Silky

June 4: Blue marlin (150), spearfish (35) Tim Wurster, Capt. Marlin Parker, Marlin Magic II

June 4: Blue marlin (450) Liam Sullivan, Capt. Joe Schumaker, Fire Hatt

June 4: Blue marlin (250) RJ Kosich, Capt. James Dean, Blue Hawaii

June 4: Blue marlin (225) Justin Danco, (300) Hank Harry, Capt. Neal Isaacs, Anxious


May 30: Black marlin (220), Jay Clifford, Blue Boat

June 1: Ahi (196.5) Sam Kaiama, Nainoa

June 2: Ahi (201) Ryan Flores, Derek Hong, Kailani

June 3: Ahi (208.5) Ed Novotny, Capt. Deneen Wargo, Bite Me 6

June 3: Ono (50) Jason Howard, Capt. Kevin Nakamaru, Northern Lights