Effective lure action

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This video by Capt. Antonio Amaral shows a curious white marlin examining an Amaral Naja trolling lure.  Some things to watch for.  The lure regularly bursts through the surface, makes a trail of bubbles, and then drops down under about a foot.  It “swims” for a few seconds so pay attention to the swimming action, which seems to be random rather than regular.  The marlin seems not to know what to make of the strange swimming object.  You are never really sure whether the marlin will attack or just swim away. In fact, it strikes the lure three times with no hookup.  Can you see the leader? It shows right from the start of the video and in the still first frame.  That’s a nylon leader and gives itself away with the bubbles it makes.  The lure is a plunger shape, which is why it spends so much time under water.  “Tube” shaped lures chug along the surface continuously.