Match what hatch? The Weekly Report for April 22, 2015

Fishing Hawaii Style
Fishing Hawaii Style

Match the hatch? What hatch? If you are trying to select a lure to copy the juicy items gamefish fuel up on, you may only be fooling yourself. In this Fishtrack report by Jim Rizzuto, we are taking a look at the many different kinds of items fishermen find in gamefish bellies. The hatch you think you want to match might only be a nut hatch.



Beasts of the week (marlin weighing 500 pounds or more):

None weighed

Tag and release

April 12: Spearfish (35) Jim Cherry, Capt. Bobby Cherry, Cherry Pit II

April 13: Blue marlin (175) Unknown, Capt. David Crawford, Kona Blue

April 13: Blue marlin (650) Lulita Reed, Capt. Lance Gelman, Medusa

April 13: Blue marlin (175) Jeff Ogden, Capt. Bobby Cherry, Cherry Pit II

April 13: Blue marlin (200) Unknown, Capt. Al Gustavson, Topshape

April 14: Blue marlin (300) Chris Cox, Capt. Tony Clark, Ihu Nui

April 17: Blue marlin (170 and 275) John Salmon, Capt. Kenny Fogarty, Makana Lani

April 17: Blue marlin (250) Karen Scoggins, Capt. Al Gustavson, Topshape

April 18: Blue marlin (150) Carol Herren, Capt. Bruce Herren, Raptor

April 18: Blue marlin (120) Craig Chambers, Capt. McGrew Rice, Ihu Nui


April 12: Spearfish (49.5) Steve Lopez, Capt. Bill Jardine, Kakalina

April 12: Striped marlin (72) John Burke, Capt. Dale Leverone, Sea Strike

April 13: Spearfish (39) Jeff Cooke, Capt. Jeff Heintz, LInda Sue IV

April 14: Ono (39) Greg Aeschliman, Capt.Kelii Hui, E-Sea Rider

April 14: Spearfish (43.5) Sara Moore, Capt. Bill Casey, Marlin Grando

April 14: Blue marlin (122) David Hasely, Capt Dale Leverone, Sea Strike

April 14: Blue marlin (118) Jack/Katy, Capt. James Bach, Fish Wish

April 14: Spearfish (37) Tim Pieper, Capt. Kent Mongreig, Sea Wife II

April 14: Ulua (67.5) Richard Yette, Capt. Lance Owens, A’eo

April 15: Blue marlin (265) Mike Rosenbach, Capt. Jeff Heintz, Linda Sue IV

April 15: Blue Marlin (149) Chip Boyer, Capt. Kevin Hiney, Ku’uipo

April 15: Striped marlin (80) Laurent Adda, Capt. Andrew Peterson, High Noon

April 15: Blue marlin (470) Curt Apel, Capt. Randy Llanes, Sundowner

April 15: Ahi (115.5) Will Gunderson, Capt. James Dean, Blue Hawaii

April 15: Ahi (77) Shiono, Capt. Ryan Lutz, Tropical Sun

April 15: Spearfish (40) Chris Howat, Capt. Marlin Parker, Marlin Magic II

April 17: Ono (37) Mike Pherson, Capt. Bill Casey, Marlin Grando

April 18: Blue marlin (130) Cara Beckett, Capt. Jody Wolf, Plan B

April 19: Ahi (127) Trent Long, Capt. Bomboy Llanes, Lana Kila

April 19: Ulua (64) Anthony Beaudet, Offshore Free Diving