Blues, kawakawa, rainbow runner, bonefish

Big Blue Released off Red Hill At high noon last Friday, Capt. John Bagwell was trolling off Red Hill when the week’s biggest blue marlin crossed his path.  Aboard Silky with him, crew Steve Petras and angler Diane Reid were … Continued

Solo marlin and new species

The 2017 Big-Fish List competition is off to a flying start.  Ten of the 22 slots already have worthy entries. Last week’s hottest skipper, Capt. Bobby Cherry, fished alone on Wednesday and took both the blue marlin and shortbill spearfish … Continued

Kona catch includes lots of favorites and some oddities.

Who had the best fishing trip of the week?  That depends on your favorite gamefish.  This week, the battle for the mythical title involves bigeye tuna, blue marlin, striped marlin, shortbill spearfish, and ono.  And there is no doubt that … Continued

Kona fishing end-of-year wrap-up

In an exciting final week of the year, three lucky anglers took over top spots on our Big-Fish List for 2016. The year ended with new leaders for shortbill spearfish (58.5-pounds), striped marlin (151), and opakapaka (13.5). Capt. Jeff Heintz … Continued

Kona fishing’s odd cast of characters

KONA FISHING’S ODD CAST OF CHARACTERS Kona has always attracted celebrities, including many who visit here to fish for blue marlin.  One in particular came to mind this week as I was watching a war movie on late-night TV.  Seeing … Continued

November surprises of all fishy kinds

For offshore fishermen, November is a season of surprises.  This month, when the line snaps free of the outrigger release and the reel starts buzzing, you don’t know what might be ripping line off the reel.  Last week’s mixed bag … Continued

El Nino/LaNina — What’s happening?

Even if you could predict the weather, you can’t predict the fishing.  We are into the second year of a major El Nino warming event and yet the offshore fishing of 2015 is markedly different from 2016.  Last year, 2015, … Continued

Blue marlin, oriental bonito, sailfish, sharp jaw bonefish and a nunu ulaula

With Halloween just ahead, the fish are in trick-or-treat mode.  These days, you have to be especially tricky to get a treat and your treat is likely to be a surprise in disguise. On Blue Hawaii, Capt. James Dean and … Continued

Bluefin, yellowfin, blue marlin in Kona report

Bluefin Trevally Please Shorecasters Two summers ago, Hawaii coves, bays, harbors, and reefs swarmed with juvenile bluefin trevally.  These hand-sized youngsters promised great shorefishing ahead when they grew to fighting size.  A lot of these “papio” (trevallies weighing less than … Continued

Kona fish want flash

And the heat goes on.  Sea temperatures remain near mid-summer highs, which may explain why some Kona fishermen are seeing July/August action in September and October.  On Tuesday, Capt. Neal Isaacs weighed a 573-pound blue marlin as his sea-temp gauge … Continued

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